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American Pride - Product ID: 5001


merican Pride A beautiful airbrushed Mural of an eagle which fades into a American Flag all in White and Blues. The front fender has a eagle appearing to land on your fender with a flag draping the back half of the fender, while the tank has some smoke that goes into a mural of a eagle fading off to the flag. The rear fender is draped with the smoke and flag. All free handed and a piece of art that will attract a lot of attention, owner beware.


This patriotic design is put on a blue base, but can be put on many other colors as well. We can get rid of the smoke add red to flag just a idea.

Motorcycle: $1,950.00
Sheet Metal: $0.00
CARB or EFI:  
Parts Included:
Three Pieces (Tank, Front Fender and Rear Fender)
Addtional Parts:
Side Covers
Harley Davidson logo or script
  Total Price: $1,950.00

Additional Information

Remember you can change any or our designs to suit your taste as well as have us paint a design that you have in mind. While you are responsible for the cost of shipping your motorcycle parts to us for painting, the prices you find throughout this website include FREE SHIPPING of your completed paint set to anywhere in the lower 48 states.

If you want to keep riding your bike instead of waiting for your custom paint job, C.R. Designs can paint on new OEM factory sheet metal directly from the manufacturer of your motorcycle or on used sheet metal when it is available.

American Pride Picture
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Chad. You and your team did an amazing job! I was/am blown away with the entire project. I cannot wait to ride it back to Bike week and stop by so you can see the finished project. Words cannot describe my gratitude to you, so please accept this simple thank you.

Paul - El Paso

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